Summer Social: HAITI (Association Des Voluntaires)

Meeting with UN volunteers to plan the AVM One Million Trees Initiative. Trees are better protected in local communities in Haiti that is why we promote the PA JETEL PLANTEL to provide fruits and vegetables to the poor. Engaging [...]

2016, CQ Social

CQ, Artist Relations | Marketing & Branding | Creative Services | Media Promotions :CQ Social 2016  Los Angeles Request A Proposal At celebrityplacement@californiaqueen.com   [...]


latest projects

  • Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2014

    California Queen is going backstage LIVE at the 2014 Golden Gods Awards and its going down next week in Los Angeles and it will be hosted this year by none other than That Metal Show‘s Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and...
  • “Backstage Bags” by California Queen

    California Queen will be the official gifting provider backstage during the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, LIVE from downtown Los Angeles at Club Nokia. Good luck “Metal Hammer” nominees and performers, see you on the black carpet....
  • RokQueen & EMII ‘Red carpet Diva’

    Parties, musical entertainment, elements of ‘style,’ – presenting one’s self to the world, and social events, these are the the components of ‘living’ – the things that we enjoy about our lives (or maybe that I enjoy...
  • VIP – Duh!

    CQ Invited Talent “VIP “and Media “PRESS” are welcomed and greeted by CQ hostesses upon check-in with art work identification provided by Black Streak Entertainment. All of Hollywood’s heavy hitters POP, ROCK, RAP, COUNTRY come out to...