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Get a social life!

10671392_577562269012619_3176761357935246126_n"Sometimes I make it to parties and sometimes I don't. Social life is always something you can go back to." - Carmen Busquets ••• CQ Social, Optional Luxury • Publicity •...

ALL EXCESS California Queen

California Queen is exclusive gift bag provider backstage at the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards Show

Over 6,000 products pieces from 22 sponsors for over 400 bags packed and distributed in the VIP lounge backstage at Club Nokia for the award show. [...]

LA loves music and music loves LA.

DWNLAjpgWednesday, April 23rd 2014 California Queen will be presenting "backstage bags" sponsored gifts backstage during LIVE award show. Metal music  beware. Music lovers sponsorship is open - contact CQ for gifting...

You just recorded a new song, now what?

Attention MUSICIANS, US and International artist your Opportuneti has arrived.

Launching Opportuneti March 1st, the most revolutionary change in music history is now.

Be apart of the action first, bypass the audition process, have a 10 day free...

Thorlos Socks Will Rock Your Feet Off