Just A few of CQ’s Benefit Artist

CQ artist support our charities of choice by donating performances at many of our socials.

Followed by our first benefit concert for Sara Rae, Sara Rae exist to encourage, inform, inspire and also invest into the treatment and recovery for adolescents suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Thankful ticket donations taken on site benefit Sara Rae, headlining artist; Into the Presence, Daisy and the Beautiful Disaster, and Northern Sky.

“Excited about producing the first benefit concert for Sara Rae, I knew GRAMMY week was the right time to introduce SaraRae(dot)org, after all Music is what feelings sound like,” says California Queen founder Lisa Bingham.  “Introducing talent to new companies with gifts to share at our Grammy Social an evening on the Sunset Strip the night before the Grammy’s was exactly the way to do it.”

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